CD Discography of 1992 Viva La Musica breakaway orchestra
In 1992, while Wemba was away recording the CD Le Voyager for Peter Gabriel's Real World records, a large-scale rebellion took place among the Paris-based Viva La Musica ranks. The cause of the rebellion was mainly financial, with money problems having been ongoing within Viva La Musica for some time.

Such was the depth of the problem that the musicians named their new orchestra La Nouvelle Génération De La République Démocratique, with the name itself designed as a direct critique of both Wemba's leadership and of his management style.

This divorce lead to Viva losing several of its longest established and most popular front-line singers, Lydjo Kwempa, Luciana DeMingongo, Fafa DeMolokai and Jose Fataki, together with solo guitarist Bongo Wende, bass player Boss Matuta and drummer Awilo Longomba. An addition to La Nouvelle Génération was the attractive and talented female singer Djena Mandako, who joined the band soon after the musicians' dislocation from Wemba.
L-R: Bongo Wende, Boss Matuta, Fafa, Awilo, Luciana, Fataki, Lydjo
After 1993's excellent Station Radar (six compositions by Luciana DeMingongo) debut CD, the band maintained a prolific output during the next couple of years. However in 1996 the first problems began to appear, when Lydjo and Awilo choose to quit the band following a series of internal disagreements.
Djenna Mandako
In 1997, things within La Nouvelle Génération things went from bad to worse, with the tragic, sudden death of female singer Djena. This was followed by Jose Fataki quitting both La Nouvelle Génération and Congolese popular music, to begin a career as a religious singer.

While still remaining a member of La Nouvelle Génération, Luciana also chose to release his future works independently of the orchestra.

La Nouvelle Génération's last release was in early 1999, featuring a CD of compositions by Fafa DeMolokai. La Nouvelle Génération continue to record and perform but unfortunately, at the time of writing, seem to have lost much of their early momentum.
Dans Zipompa Pompa (1993) Damien Production, DCD008
Vigilance, Princesse Julia, Frien A Main, Station Radar, Matabisi, Calvaire
Dans Porokondo, Flash Difussion Business, (1994) GK281256
M’Bowassa, Ephree, Monimambu, Porokondo, Mon Patron, Dina, Diyose J’Ai Ose, Semeki Jeni, Omoyi
Nouvelle Géneration + Zinago De Maculussu (1994), Production Zinago ZINA001
Astree Madona, Caro, Ingratitude, Anthony Kuba, Passy Luna, Ma Tumba De La Zomis (Instrumental),
N'Zong N'Zing featuring Nouvelle Generation, Maray Maray and former members of orchestra Ango Stars
Fataki et La Nouvelle Géneration (1996), Flash Difussion Business FDB 300019

Ingratitude, Postérité, Je T’Attends Seule, Égoïste, Les Feux De L’Amour, My First Lady, Mambo-Mambo, Djemani, Tika Ba Gestes
Dans Sasa Ba Graisse Nyatta Bizeti, (1996), Éditions Sonodisc CDS6836
Ma Cherie, Ken Makansi, Hermann, Toyokanaki Boye Te, Dede Makonda L’Original, Pot De Fleurs, Coup Dur
Fafa De Molokai et Nouvelle Géneration (1998), Éditions Kaluila, KL0180
Autopsie, Spéculation, Sans Espoir, Citoyen Du Monde, Exode, Landry, Mosala Mpunda, Banguna, Mirellea, Spéculation (instrumental)
Boss Matuta de la Nouvelle Géneration (1999), Édition BM 01099
Hymme Hymme Gene Gene, Moningambi, Love Liboma, Salsa di Kongo, Bikila, Équipe époli, Femme De Nuit, Beauté-Piege, Labidja, Sebene Groove
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