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Fafa de Molokai
Stino Mubi
Reddy Amisi
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Lydjo & Fataki
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tina asta Asta Paola - Joined Viva La Musica in 1990 after attending an audition where she sang the Reddy Amisi composition 'Bomengo Ata Kala'. Sufficiently impressing Wemba, she was welcomed into Viva La Musica. Paola remained with Viva La Musica post the 1992 (Nouvelle Génération) split, taking on larger responsibilities as a part of the restructured vocal frontline. She features on much of the band's mid-1990s recorded work. Paola also accompanied Wemba on his return to Kinshasa in 1995 and assisted in the initial construction of the orchestra Viva La Musica - Nouvelle Écriture, undertaking both live work and appearing on the band's first CD release.
Asta Paola
Other vocalists not shown here include: Gloria Tsukadio, Djoli Mubiala

Backing Musicians included:

Solo Gtr:
Bongo Wende, Bamundele Rigo Star, Demukusse, N'Seka Huit Kilo, Sebaret,

Gtr Accompanyment:
Ping Pong, Timololo, Fataki,

Acome Dada, Boss Matuta

Rigo Moya, Awilo Longomba, Richacha, Boffi, Djudju Chet

Ikonolo, Gigi Tupa, Armando, Keiko