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N'Zong - N'Ning - As a way of life

A regular source of income to both Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica's European-based members is their work as musicians backing lesser known Congolese vocalists.

Such work is common within the Congolese-frequented recording studios of Paris and Brussels, and is known in Lingala as 'N'Zong-N'Zing'. It is a way of surviving on a day-to-day basis as African musicians within the harsh financial climate of Europe.

There are a great many CDs available on which Papa Wemba or other key musicians from Viva are involved. It is not our intention to list all of these here. Below we give details of a few that are particularly notable. Although not officially members of Viva, musicians such as these have made many fine CDs recorded with Papa Wemba and Viva, most of which are definitely worth a listen.
Stervos Niarcos
Stervos Niarcos Mombele - Adrien

The person who began such collaborations was Strevos Niarcos (Ngantshie Mombele Niarka), a Viva La Musica fanatic from the outset and a longtime close friend of Papa Wemba. Niarcos was known throughout Zaire for his outlandish behaviour, and initially rose to fame through the 1980 Viva La Musica 7" single recording, 'Jeune Premier', where he was praised on record for being number one within Wemba's 'La Sape' movement.
In the early 1980's Niarcos moved to Europe where he began recording with Wemba during Wemba's frequent visits, particularly by sharing co-composition and recording credits of Wemba's massive 1984 hit LP Proclamation (reissued on CD Le Meilleurs Succès de Papa Wemba 1983-1984 (volume 1) Éditions Mayala FDB300094 included in the Papa Wemba discography pages). Post Viva's resettlement to Europe in 1987, Niarcos renewed his patronage of the orchestra Viva La Musica, spending much time together with Wemba and Viva's musicians . After a brief period of illness 'Le Grand Nganshie' - Strevos Niarcos - died in 1995.
niarcos & wemba
Strervos Niarcos
sterevos niarcos & viva
Strevos Niarcos Dans Dernier Coup De Sifflet (1995), Éditions Americano, AM95004
Dernier Coup De Sifflet, Nostalgie Personnelle, Cherie Ade, Kinshasa-Brazza, Epaka Ekomi Na 2ème Period, Kamouzo, Kinshasa Village Natal, Pelaziana
First four tracks feature Papa Wemba, originally released 1987; second four tracks include Luciana & Fataki, originally released 1988
Strevos Niarcos Dans Prolongation (1995), Éditions Ngoyarto NG022
Prolongation, Poto, Bateke, Koseka, Akwa, Vie À Zero, Ba Profiteurs, Jana
anna malia & viva L'Imperatrice Anna Maliya
Anna Maliya & L'orchestra Viva La Musica (1992), Production Anna Maliya AM306
Metamorphose, Vicky Na, Piege D'Amour, La Preferer, Boffi, Otisana
papy ipepy & viva
Papy Ipepy
Papy-Ipepy Et Papa Wemba (1994), Papy Ipepy Production, PYCD102
Merci Papa Adieu Franco, Appel D'Urgence, Marie-France Colbach, Cyndi Loper, Henda Mon Amour, Kakembiko-Mirelle, Suzy Mirelle, Alesia, Cyndi-Loper
rive/kono& viva Marechal Rive & Ayatollah Pachamac
Marechal Rive & Ayatollah Pachamac Dans Juenes En Vogue Et Ado (1991) Editions Sonodisc CD53902
Jeunes En Vogue, Love Vanga, Sami Cointreau, Depuis Ba Mboka, Ado Mbengani, E Lie, Liliana Americana
pacha & viva
Pacha Kono Dans Voyage A Poto (1996), Éditions BMAS, BMP950098
Vengeance, De Pasco Dinga, Dede Nawezi, Voyage À Poto, Ami Ntela, Ba Parasites, Senzele, Rompre Le Silence, Sophie, Felizance, Depuis Bamboka
lipordo & viva Abeba Lipordo
Dans Ba Mbila (CD reissue - 1999) AL001
Guy Matondo, Mère Eve, Ba Mbila, Souvenir Tino, Mobange, Lolango Parisien, Femme Congolaise, Instrumental de Guy Matondo

Rerelease of Lipordo's 1st LP (1990) with bonus tracks

lipordo & viva
Abeba Lipordo - Méchant Garcon (1994), Editions Flash Diffusion Business, AL002
Femme Congolaise, Méchant Garçon, Mobange, Marthe Shungu, Déception Marius, Pourquoi Pas Moi, Tsha, Instrumental
lipordo & viva Abeba Lipordo Dans Ushuaia (1998), Editions Ngyarto, NG045
Motambo, Arrestation Immédiate, Mina Plaisir, Ushuaia, Guy Malo, Alida Libandi, Kisakata, Kunde Lupin, Banpangi, Papa Abeba
wabalonzo & viva Bluff Wabalonzo
Fille Unique (1997) Éditions Benedicta Ref 0312
Fille Unique, Ange Lina, Amour D'Intérèt, Thova Milandu, Sebene, Bongolowase, Au Revoir niarkos, Déception, Gene, Instrumental
didier milla & viva
Avant-Gout (1999) Éditions DMB, DMB0199
Le Pomba, Équation Noni, Signe Particulier, Effervescent, Le Pomba (Ambiance)

1st CD by composer of songs from Viva LP 'Ya Biso Moko'

drigo & viva Drigo Drigola
Shumaniche (1999) Editions Sono, CD95959
Sirenne, Bidoda-Doda, Mozindo, Fleuve De Mon Coeur, Reve, Don D'Amour, Conderoyale, Elanga
santa nyanga& viva la musica Santa Nyanga
Ouragan (2000) Éditions Sonodisc CD96601
Mbuta Di Mbuta, Libumu Ya Nzala, Exit Ya 24h 00, Ouragan, Fête De La Mère, Cérémonie Nuptiale, Deplay Ya Lolango, Nazala Ata Rescape

A Wembaless Cour Des Grand provide excellent backing to Santa's first CD.

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