modogo gian franco ferre and viva la musica
The Congolese composer, Modogo Gian Franco Ferre, arrived in Paris in 1984. He began working with Wemba during Papa's frequent recording trips to Europe. After Papa Wemba and Viva La Musica's relocation to Paris in 1987, Modogo re-established his links with the band and in 1988 first had some of his compositions recorded by Papa Wemba and Viva.

Modogo gained a reputation as a formidable composer through the three CDs pictured here and all are excellent, although particularly outstanding is 1991's Statue de la Liberté.

After the 1992 Viva La Musica - Nouvelle Génération De La République Démocratique split, Modogo recorded a further LP with Viva La Musica in 1993, Victime de la Mode, where he also made his debut as a vocalist. We have not included Victime de la Mode in the list below, since it was almost exclusively a vinyl-only release, with only a few CDs pressed and distributed.
In 1994, Modogo established his own orchestra called 'Place Vendome' and in 1997 they recorded the excellent CD Piccadilly on Sonima music. By 1999 Modogo's orchestra has split and in 2000 Modogo recorded a new CD with Viva La Musica - Cour des Grands titled Intégration.
modogo dans intergration
Intégration (2000), MG Production MGCD1
Intégration, Lili Valle, Weekend, Banka Y'Angleterre, Radja, Tendance, Histoire D'Amour, Procès D'Amour, Kija, Mibo, Fifi Manar, Banka Y'Angleterre (Playback)
modogo statue de la liberte
Statue de la Liberté (1992), Sonodisc, CD8485
Ba Venants, Top Model, Ami Gabin, Statue De La Liberté, Lumière Ya Trocadero, Ba Plays, Jessy B
modogo - nouvelle generation a paris
Nouvelle Génération a Paris (1989), Sonodisc, CD 8459
Le Jour De L’Histoire Romaine, Youdoufisi, Mokili Bongo, Felie Mon Coeur
modogo - place vendome
Place Vendôme (1989), Sonodisc, CD8466
Place Vendôme, Beti Impératrice, Oyo Mbokate, Bena Fruit D’Amour, Jeune Homme Ya Paris
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